Type & Location: Folly
Material: Balloon, Yarn            
Instructor: Bryan Young, Cornell AAP
Time: 2022 Fall Individual Studio Work
Each material offers unique “form-finding” param-eters that are intrinsic to its internal material property. During the material Experiment of the balloon and yarn, I tried to capture each moment when the size of the balloon got bigger or shrunk backwards, which interest me a lot. The squeezing strings create various space opportunities for the human to use in the natural Art Omi site compared with its original regular linear system.  
So I started to put my folly on the topography which is flatter with the contour line parallel with my yarn grid. Then I tried to set the balloon’s central point onto the grid with it’s being cloud-like shape. Sev-eral specific paths were created when I attached the yarn strings to the balloon, which also make smooth contact with the ground itself. Finally, I deflated the balloon and made documentation of how the strings changed their location and shape according to the volume. I froze some inspiring moments to compare the different textures of the balloon and the yarn created with them shaping a whole new landscape on the site. People could walk across, sit, lie or just take the folly as a structured system. 
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