Type & Location: Munich Interior Reconstruction           
Client: Munich, Germany Residents                 
Size: 170m²             
Instructor: Manus Leung, GSD March, DCA
Time: 2017 Fall Studio work, WHU 
Co-worker: Wanxin Zhang
In Munich, there are a lot of self-service open laundry rooms, which provide convenience but do not provide enough spiritual enjoyment. Everyone waits for the end of the laundry in front of the noisy washing machine, feeling sluggish.
This design selects the drying space in the traditional European streets as the prototype for enhancing atmosphere. It aims to increase people's staying time in the laundry room by adding the established (reading) activities in the space, with defining reading as a relatively open one. Reading, lets the wait no longer boring, brings the spirit to be Subliming.
Underground Level Plan
Ground Level Plan
Street View Towards the Washing Space
Back Garden Perspective 
Cafe Garden Column Perspective 
Longitude Building Section
Latitude Building Section
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