Type & Location: Buffalo Downtown Affordable Housing               
Client: Downtown Buffalo City Residents                
Occupancy: 55350ft² (25% Leisure+60%Housing+15%Facility)            
Landscape: 12500ft² (30% of the Total Building Area)
Total Units: 43 Units, Serve 100-200 people
Instructor & Time: Johanna Hurme, Cornell AAP; 2022 Spring Individual Work
Project 1A1: West Perspective of the Apartment
Like other rust belt cities along the Great Lakes, Buffalo is helpless in the face of a dwindling urban population, remains only an icy prison city. How to bring people back, let the abandoned city get rid of the horror and loneliness feelings has become the core issue of downtown urban development. 
The JENGA+ design mainly starts from the following three aspects: 
1. The continuity both in time and space: the seasonal changes in time (especially in the winter to form a warm greenhouse garden) to provide different urban themed activities, and the spatial sequence of scenes to create various living possibilities. 
2. Diversity of basic living modules: the definite living space and the uncertain semi-public space can form a variety of combinations in the horizontal and vertical directions. Unique units can be selected according to the needs of the residents, which can continue to rebirth from single to achieve living+ Purpose 
3. Combining affordable and marketing housing, with 50 households as the basic unit, the optimal combination of different types of spaces can accommodate more urban residents. 
Project 1A2: Buidling Cap Value Table
Project 2A1: Interior View for Living Space

Project 2A2: Interior Units Arrangement
The Plan arrangement demonstrates how various unit types can integrate with a central void space, which serves as a connecting hub. This central void space will simultaneously accommodate restrooms and vertical circulation at the same time.
Project 2A3: Interior View for Common Space - Corridor
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan & Fourth Floor Plan
Fifth Floor Plan & Top Level Loft Unit Plan
Project 3A: Building Section & Section Destails Showing Double Layer Partly Folded Aluminum Facade
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