Type & Location: Ithaca Office+Factory Infrastructure Renovation            
Client: City Government for Commercial                 
Size: 16586 ft²            
Instructor & Time: Felix Heisel, Cornell; 2021 Fall Group Work
Construction Type: External Column/Wall To Foundation 
(Steel Structures + Reinforced Concrete)
In the building at 401 E. State Street, we found key materials listed above for further investigation as they show great potentials to be recycled and reused. 
The main reusable items are steel members, including the structural parts, conduit pipes and gypsum ceiling boards due to convenience in the disassembly process. Portions of concrete foundation and CMU blocks are in good conditions as well to be recycled with mechanical assistance. According to the calculation of embodied carbon for each material, recycling will largely contribute to improving the environment.
Project 1A Unbuilt: Animation Scene Using 3d Scan App-Polycam
Our folly delves into the landscape shaped by structural elements typically concealed underground. Foundations are essential to any structure, providing the solid base that supports columns and walls. We explored how foundations, when placed on land, create intriguing spatial experiences with heavy bases and light columns rising above them.
The foundation block modules are designed in two shapes, L and I, which can be replicated and combined in various configurations to create exciting landscapes while serving as a base for columns and walls. Our approach aimed to develop a foundation and column system that can be easily disassembled. The foundation blocks are designed to interlock without the need for mortar, allowing them to be disassembled and reused.
We focused on reusing materials such as wood for structural columns due to its high potential for reuse. The columns are attached to central concrete blocks using reclaimed structural steel beams and plates. To ensure the foundation blocks can bear loads, we used broken down concrete masonry units (CMU) as aggregate in our concrete mix. Recycling CMU for concrete production reduces the embodied carbon of the material. Our design emphasis was on creating a foundation system that is deconstructable and reusable, enabling numerous variations that are showcased in our drawings.
Project 2A: B+Blocks External Column/Wall To Foundation
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